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Bella Voce to perform

Bella Voce members Joanna Fritz, Cathy Kjellson, and Janet Martin.

Renowned local trio, Bella Voce, is known for their delicate harmonies and wide variety of musical styles – including '50s and '60s favorites, patriotic and gospel. But this month, most of their performances are, for good reason, Christmas-inspired. Southern Oaks subdivision is presenting a Christmas greeting to the entire Richland Chambers Lake community in the form of a free concert featuring Bella Voce at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8. Concert guests will hear a variety of lively, festive holiday music – with a full evening of songs ranging from novelties like “No Time to Diet” to such traditional numbers as “O Holy Night.”


Carolyn (Susie) English

Carolyn (Susie) English

November 2, 1939

May 1, 2018


Good fishing on Richland Chambers Lake

Fishing Friends,

We began our Spring Break week last Friday and Saturday with both boats out and some dads and sons on board. Normally we fish for the white bass and hybrid stripers during Spring Break but the large numbers of fish have not shown up yet as they are probably up the creeks finishing off their annual spawn. We've heard a couple of reports of fishermen catching a few white bass so it won't be long til everyone is! In the mean time, we continue to catch blue and channel catfish! We had a very good Friday with some nice cloud cover and south wind and then a little slower Saturday with the sunshine and calm breeze. The best bite is always associated with cloud cover and a nice south wind, but you can't have perfect conditions every outing! We still managed a nice ice chest of fish for all our customers!




Fishing is getting good on Richland Chambers

Fishing Friends,
Adam and I are truly blessed to be able to do what we love, with people that we like, and in the best environment you can imagine! Being a fishing guide and living and working in East Texas is just about as good as it gets! That is until you experience a week like this past one where the two most critical components of being successful (and having fun) both come together at the same time.
First, and totally out of our control, is the huge amount of rainfall the lake area received between Tuesday and Saturday. Local reports of over 12 inches were mentioned by many of the residents around the marina.
Second, and pretty much out of our control, was the component dreaded by all fishermen and that is BOAT TROUBLE. There's some truth to the old question of "What does B.O.A.T. stand for?"

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