Big Brown


Luminant rep says "no plans" to drain lake

Fairfield Lake was built in the 1970s as a way to cool the Big Brown Power Plant. Big Brown closed in February 2018.
Archive photo

Rumors that Fairfield Lake will be drained have thrived with the February 2018 closing of Big Brown, but a representative with Luminant says the rumors are not true.

“I hope I can clear up some misinformation,” said Meranda Cohn, Director of Media Relations with Vistra Energy, in an email interview. “No, there are no plans to drain the lake.”

Luminant, a subsidiary of Vistra Energy, closed the location after dropping natural gas prices forced the company to shut down the mine. Big Brown is currently still being decommissioned.


End of an era as plant closes

Coal trucks at Big Brown are permanently parked after dumping what coal was left at the mine. The plant and mine closed forever Monday, Feb. 12, after dropping prices caused its decline.

Photo by April Walker

Years of rumors came true Monday, Feb. 12, as Big Brown plant finally went offline forever. More than 200 employees are now without jobs and the nearly 47-year-old mine is empty.

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