We're all mad here: Consumer Science classes host Mad Hatter tea party

By Nereyda Espinoza, FHS junior and Eagle Beat reporter.

Photos contributed by Laura Craddick and Eagle Publications

The modern life often takes away from traditional meal-time customs. Family and consumer science teacher Laura Craddick holds an annual Mad Hatter Tea Party for her classes to just have a “polite conversation” without any technology. 

Craddick’s classes held this year’s Mad Hatter party on October 5. The skills developed for this party will apply to both social and private settings.

“I started this project last year and it was such a success,” Craddick said. “The students loved it so much that I have started to just make it a tradition.”

Many things happened before the big day. About three to four weeks before the Mad Hatter party, Craddick covered topics such as Personal Brand, Identity, Character Traits, Communication Skills, Resources, Time Management, Professionalism, Manners and Customs.  

“We learned correct table manners and how to set the table nice and neat,” freshman Jaycee Jobe said. “That stuff was very useful because of opportunities later in life. We will need these skills so it’s nice to learn them now.”

Two weeks before the date, students were given the Mad Hatter Hat project. They created their own personalized Mad Hatter Hat within a week.

“The hats should represent their character traits and personal brand,” Craddick said. “There are no right or wrongs and they can be as simple or elaborate as the student chooses to design them.”

Students were graded based on their use of resources, creativity and most of all time management. This project was unlike many others, there were no “MUSTS”.

“Thinking outside of the box with no parameters is difficult


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